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24.02.2017 10:29 (Cat: Season 11, Katowice)

First teams get eliminated on day two of League of Legends at IEM Katowice

See how day two unfolded with some of the teams fighting for survival in the tournament.

23.02.2017 12:06 (Cat: Season 11, Katowice)

Test your VR skills and win prizes at the Intel VR Games at IEM EXPO

On March 5th, the Auditorium at the IEM EXPO will become a VR battleground where attendees will be able to compete and win prizes.

23.02.2017 10:35 (Cat: Season 11, Katowice)

ROX Tigers top group A after day one of League of Legends at Intel Extreme Masters World Championship

See how the first matches of the League of Legends group stage played out.

22.02.2017 11:18 (Cat: Season 11, Katowice)

From Gyeonggi to Katowice - can INnoVation lift his first Intel® Extreme Masters World Championship trophy?

No stranger to winning IEM tournaments, INnoVation is still missing the World Championship trophy. Will he claim it this year in Katowice?

21.02.2017 17:52 (Cat: Season 11, Katowice)

OMEN by HP named the official broadcast laptop for League of Legends and CS:GO at Intel® Extreme Masters World Championship Katowice

OMEN by HP will be the official laptop partner of League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive at IEM Katowice.

16.02.2017 17:36 (Cat: Katowice, Season 11)

Challenge Jankos to a 1v1 during Intel® Extreme Masters World Championship Katowice!

Can you get first blood on the First Blood King himself?

14.02.2017 16:51 (Cat: Season 11, Katowice)

One of the very best European teams completes the League of Legends team lineup for Intel® Extreme Masters World Championship Katowice

G2 Esports, one of the top teams in the European LCS, will travel to Katowice to compete for the IEM trophy.

14.02.2017 16:43 (Cat: Season 11, Katowice)

Can an LMS team triumph in the Spodek arena? Munchables on Flash Wolves ahead of IEM Katowice

The region renowned for taking down the big dogs, coming half way across the world from the LMS the Flash Wolves will be making an entrance on the main stage of IEM Katowice!

10.02.2017 14:00 (Cat: Season 11, Katowice)

The faces and voices for the League of Legends Intel® Extreme Masters World Championship broadcast

Meet the broadcast team will be bringing you all the action from Summoner’s Rift.

10.02.2017 13:49 (Cat: Season 11, Katowice)

The usual suspects! The Intel® Extreme Masters World Championship StarCraft® II broadcast team

The faces and voices that will be bringing you all the SC2 action live from Katowice, Poland.

09.02.2017 18:58 (Cat: Season 11, Katowice)

Cloud9 step down from competing at Intel® Extreme Masters World Championship

The North American team will be not compete in Katowice this year to focus on continuing their great start in the NA LCS.

09.02.2017 17:33 (Cat: Season 11, Katowice)

Gillette joins the IEM World Championship as a sponsor!

Gillette partners up with ESL to help bring you the action at the Spodek arena on February 25-26.

09.02.2017 11:45 (Cat: Season 11, Katowice)

Can the First Blood King defend his title in Katowice? Munchables on Jankos ahead of IEM World Championship

A lone traveller returns to his home province. The Polish legend Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski, the First Blood King, returns to IEM once again and this time in the heart of his homeland.

08.02.2017 14:29 (Cat: Season 11, Katowice)

Keeping it family friendly at the IEM World Championship - meet the CS:GO broadcast team!

These are the faces and voices who will be bringing you the CS:GO action live from Katowice.

06.02.2017 18:46 (Cat: Season 11, Katowice)

Announcing the official Intel® Extreme Masters Katowice cosplay competition!

Sign up for a chance to show off your crafting skills and compete among the best cosplayers at the IEM EXPO.

06.02.2017 14:06 (Cat: Season 11, Katowice)

Two Korean and one Chinese team join the League of Legends team lineup for the Intel® Extreme Masters World Championship

Kongdoo Monster, ROX Tigers and EDward Gaming will compete in Katowice for the IEM trophy.

06.02.2017 12:47 (Cat: Katowice)

The final four - Fnatic, Natus Vincere, Heroic and Immortals to compete in Katowice

The qualifiers are over and the lineup of the CS:GO tournament is now completed!

03.02.2017 18:14 (Cat: Season 11, Katowice)

Eight Koreans, Snute, Nerchio and many more accepted to the Intel® Extreme Masters SC2 tournament

Players from around the world signed up and 64 of them were chosen to compete in the Ro64 in Katowice.

03.02.2017 14:25 (Cat: Season 11)

So many great teams but only four slots remaining - who is going to make it to IEM Katowice?

The closed qualifiers for IEM World Championship in CS:GO are upon us and they have stacked lineups. Who will reign supreme and move on to compete in Katowice?

02.02.2017 09:25 (Cat: Season 11, Katowice)

This team will definitely be crowd favourites - Joe “Munchables” Fenny on H2k ahead of Intel® Extreme Masters World Championship Katowice!

H2k. Home of Jankos, the First Blood King. Febiven has rejoined his former family. They got semis at worlds, can the new roster live up to the hype?

31.01.2017 13:50 (Cat: Season 11, Katowice)

The biggest underdogs of Worlds are coming to IEM Katowice - will they manage to upset again?

They’ve wowed everyone at 2016 Worlds, can they do it again in Katowice? Watch out for M19 (ex-Albus Nox Luna).

30.01.2017 14:34 (Cat: Katowice, Season 11)

Nothing short of pure class as iNnoVation, ByuN, Zest, Dark, herO and 7 others join Katowice as SC2 qualifiers conclude

The StarCraft II qualifiers for Intel Extreme Masters® World Championship have concluded with 12 players having secured a ticket to Katowice.

25.01.2017 15:00 (Cat: Season 11, Katowice)

Top LMS team joins the IEM Katowice League of Legends lineup!

Flash Wolves will once again compete in Katowice for the World Championship trophy.

24.01.2017 12:51 (Cat: Season 11, Katowice)

Any opponent who underestimates Unicorns of Love is a foolish opponent - Munchables shares his UoL views ahead of IEM Katowice

From Oakland to Katowice - can Unicorns of Love surprise everyone at the IEM World Championship?

24.01.2017 12:34 (Cat: Season 11, Katowice)

The Intel® Extreme Masters StarCraft II Ro64 is now open for signup!

Apply for a chance to compete at the largest IEM StarCraft II tournament to date!

20.01.2017 14:45 (Cat: Season 11, Katowice)

World class teams invited to the final stages of the CS:GO IEM World Championship Katowice qualifiers!

See who is going to compete for the remaining CS:GO slots at IEM Katowice.

19.01.2017 11:48 (Cat: Season 11, Katowice)

FaZe Clan and North are the final invited teams for the CS:GO Intel Extreme Masters World Championship Katowice 2017

The lineup of invited CS:GO teams for Katowice is now complete. The remaining teams will be determined through qualifiers.

18.01.2017 16:01 (Cat: Katowice, Season 11)

North America to be represented by Cloud9 and OpTic Gaming at the CS:GO Intel Extreme Masters World Championship Katowice!

Can a North American team triumph in the Spodek arena?

17.01.2017 16:23 (Cat: Katowice, Season 11)

The IEM Oakland champions and two more teams confirmed for the League of Legends Intel® Extreme Masters World Championship Katowice!

Unicorns of Love, H2k and M19 Team will compete in Katowice this coming February.

16.01.2017 15:05 (Cat: Katowice, Season 11)

The world’s current and former number one ranked CS:GO teams return to Katowice to compete at Intel® Extreme Masters World Championship!

Astralis and SK Gaming join and Ninjas in Pyjamas to play for the IEM World Championship trophy.