Catching up on the Intel Extreme Masters Shanghai qualifiers in StarCraft® II
Five players have secured their slot in Shanghai so far: PtitDrogo, Snute, Neeb, PiLiPiLi and EnDerr and there’s more action coming this weekend!

The Intel Extreme Masters qualifiers in StarCraft® II for Shanghai are currently underway with players from all around the world fighting for slots at our first stop of Season 11. Three passport qualifiers have taken place so far: Europe, Africa, Middle East; North America and Oceania, Southeast Asia, Japan. A total of five players from these regions have secured themselves positions at the Intel Extreme Masters Shanghai: PtitDrogo, Snute, Neeb, PiLiPiLi and EnDerr.

Europe, Africa, Middle East qualifier

Seven Zerg, six Protoss and three Terran players competed in the final stage of this qualifier. PtitDrogo had the most impressive run, breezing through the upper bracket all the way through the winners' finals to a slot at IEM Shanghai. This qualifier marked a big return to form for PtitDrogo, who came back to his winning ways after his last victory at DreamHack Leipzig. His results were as follows:

  • 2-0 vs. Guru
  • 2-1 vs. Elazer
  • 2-1 vs. uThermal
  • 3-1 vs. Nerchio

The second qualified player, Snute, had a more difficult run. Already in the first round, he lost 0-2 to Lilbow and had to continue his battle in the lower bracket. Snute's run was nothing short of impressive, taking win after win after the initial loss. It's not the first time the Norwegian managed to fight his way through an entire lower bracket as he had a similar run in the IEM Shenzhen European qualifier in Season 9. His full results this time were:

  • 0-2 vs. Lilbow
  • 2-0 vs. Harstem
  • 2-1 vs. Elazer
  • 2-1 vs. souL
  • 2-0 vs. Lilbow
  • 2-1 vs. Guru
  • 3-2 vs. Nerchio

North America qualifier

The final stage of the North American qualifier saw six Protoss, six Zerg and four Terran players. Here, it was Neeb's Protoss which only needed four matches to secure a slot in Shanghai, confirming his dominance in the North American scene. His results were:

  • 2-1 vs. Suppy
  • 2-0 vs. JonSnow
  • 2-0 vs. Semper
  • 3-2 vs. puCK

Joining Neeb will be PiLiPiLi, a fellow Protoss, who needed a total of six matches to qualify to Shanghai, after dropping to the lower bracket due to his loss to puCK in the semifinals. His results:

  • 2-1 vs. PandaBearMe
  • 2-0 vs. MaSa
  • 0-2 vs. puCK
  • 2-1 vs. JonSnow
  • 2-0 vs. MaSa
  • 3-1 vs. puCK

Oceania, Southeast Asia, Japan qualifier

This qualifier was a big underdog story as it was taken over by EnDerr from the Philippines. It was him and a fellow Zerg, PiG who dominated the upper bracket until they faced each other in the winners' finals where EnDerr took a 2-1 victory over PiG. The latter then dropped to the lower bracket where he defeated Probe and earned another shot at Shanghai versus EnDerr. In the end, EnDerr emerged victorious, once again defeating PiG 2-1. The Filipino surprised many with his great performance during which he defeated the two biggest favorites of the region: iaguz and PiG. We are looking forward to see how well he will perform at his first Intel Extreme Masters since IEM Singapore back in 2012.

EnDerr's full results were:

  • 2-1 vs. NXZ
  • 2-1 vs. iaguz
  • 2-1 vs. PiG
  • 2-1 vs. PiG

More action coming this weekend!

Congratulations to all of the qualified players! There's more action happening this weekend as players from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau will fight for the next available slots at IEM Shanghai. You can tune in to the Chinese qualifier at our community stream, starting from 07:00 CEST (13:00 CST) on 28th and 29th of May.

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