Congratulations to the Intel Extreme Masters Shanghai 2016 champion!
IEM Shanghai closed out with the grand finals and KeSPA Proleague Stage 3 finals

After three days of intense StarCraft II action, an IEM Shanghai champion has been crowned! Huge wins and upsets left us with only Neeb and uThermal, who came in as a replacement, remaining in the competition. In the end, it was uThermal who took home US$16,000 and earned 1,000 WCS points. Check out how Intel Extreme Masters Shanghai concluded and how the Stage 3 finals of KeSPA Proleague went down.

IEM Shanghai

Starting as a back and forth best of seven series, uThermal and Neeb brought us great games. Both players made amazing plays, and the finals were tied up at 2-2 before uThermal turned the tides and managed to control Neeb with brilliant drops and a very offensive play style. uThermal, completing his dark horse run, took both of the following maps by storm, winning IEM Shanghai with an impressive 4-2 over Neeb.

The result:

  • Neeb 2-4 uThermal 

KeSPA Proleague Stage 3 finals

An exultant crowd welcomed the superstars of KeSPA Proleague on stage for the Stage 3 finals. Cure started off strong for Jin Air, beating both Stats and Leenock and securing a 2-0 lead for his team. TY broke his streak, scoring the first map for KT, but wasn’t strong enough to withstand sOs. The former world champion pushed the advantage back to Jin Air, getting back a two map lead. sOs went on to meet Zest in the potential match point for his team, managing to take down his final opponent to win the Round 3 finals!

The result:

  • Jin Air Green Wings 4-1 KT Rolster

Thanks for tuning in

That’s it for IEM Shanghai! We had a wonderful four days, seeing uTHermal win the tournament and take a huge step forward in the WCS Circuit Rankings. KeSPA Proleague brought us the first ever match outside of Korea, with Jin Air Green Wings winning the Stage 3 finals. We’d like to thank everyone for following the action either live from Shanghai or online via streams and social.

The Intel Extreme Masters Shanghai page has all the results and details. Check IEM on Facebook and Twitter for all the highlights, photos and more.