Europe defeats Brazil on their home turf!
After incredible performances from the Brazilian teams here at Intel Extreme Masters Sao Paulo, they faltered at last as the European powerhouse Millenium dominates the Grand Final.

Brazil's great performance at Intel Extreme Masters Sao Paulo still missed that little bit to defeat a powerhouse such as Millenium. Millenium could dub themselves the Brazilian nemesis, as they've defeated three Brazilian teams in convincing 2 - 0's on their way to the championship, not losing a single game throughout the entirety of the tournament. Even paiN Gaming, who looked great as they defeated OceloteWorld (the team around the popular Spanish player Ocelote), couldn't quite hold up against Millenium. 

On the first day, things looked amazing for the Brazilian fans as two out of three Brazilian teams, namely paiN Gaming and Seven Wars, made it through to play in the semi-finals. The only one out of the participating Brazilian teams that got knocked out earlier were CNB E-Sports, who had lost against Millenium in the first round.  

Even still, the Brazilian teams have proven to be the strongest representatives of South America with their clear victories over Lyon Gaming, Isurus Gaming and Furious Gaming, and it remains interesting to see how the region progresses. For now though, paiN Gaming appear the be the team to beat in and around Brazil. 

We will bring more League of Legends action to you as we bring Intel Extreme Masters to Katowice, Poland, for the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship, where eight of the World's Best Teams will play for a total prizepool of $150,000 infront of the gigantic live audience only a stadium can provide.