European Qualifier for Cologne!
The European Qualifier for Intel Extreme Masters Cologne is coming up - one of the most important qualifiers of this season, as it Cologne will be the last event before the World Championship.

While the American qualifier has already concluded with the two Terran players Polt and qxc qualifying over the likes of HuK, Illusion and many more, and a third spot has been given to the German EPS champion HeRoMaRiNe, five qualifier spots for the tournament remain to be determined.


Two of those players will be determined in our Asian qualifiers, while three are up for grabs in the European qualifier that's coming up this weekend! Broadcasted by ESL TV, some of Europe's best players will clash in a battle for the three paid spots in Intel Extreme Masters Cologne. The spots ensure direct seeds into the Group Phase of the tournament.


The qualifier will be played out in two stages. Stage 1 is open to everyone and will enable newcomers and veterans alike a chance at four spots in the deciding Stage 2. These four players will then be seeded into Stage 2, along with twelve players that already have secured spots in the qualifier.


Here's a list of players in the qualifier:

  • fOrGG (T)
  • TITAN (P)
  • Happy (T)
  • Stardust (P)
  • Nerchio (Z)
  • Grubby (P)
  • VortiX (Z)
  • HasuObs (P)
  • DIMAGA (Z)
  • Welmu (P)
  • BabyKnight (P)
  • TheLittleOne (Z) 


The bracket for Stage 2 can be found here, while the Stage 1 bracket will be available here.


Our broadcast of the qualifier is scheduled to start at 12:00 CET on both Saturday, January 18th and Sunday, January 19th. It will be broadcast on the ESL TV StarCraft II Channel.