Full list of players for Cologne!
With Intel Extreme Masters Cologne only a few days away, it's time to announce the holders of the remaining tournament slots!

Intel Extreme Masters Cologne is only a week away now and with the list of players finalized, an incredible event lies ahead of us. With players such as INnoVation, Jaedong, HerO, jjakji, Polt and many more, the event on February 13th to 16th will give you a taste for how much incredible StarCraft II action awaits in the $100,000 Winner Takes All World Championship.

Wildcard slots
This IEM's wildcard slots have been taken up by the following four players:

  • Jae Dong 'Jaedong' Lee (Z)
  • Dong Jun 'Dear' Baek (P)
  • Shin Hyung 'INnoVation' Lee (T) 
  • Hyeon Deok 'HerO' Song (P)


Open bracket
The names of the sixteen Open Bracket players who will fight it out for one of four spots in the second stage of the tournament on the first day of Intel Extreme Masters Cologne have also been revealed, and are as follows:


  • Dario 'TheLittleOne' Wünsch (Z) 
  • Manuel 'Grubby' Schenkhuizen (P)
  • Son Seok 'StarDust' Hee (P)
  • Dennis 'HasuObs' Schneider (P)
  • Łukasz 'Tefel' Czarnecki (Z)
  • Samuli 'elfittaja' Sihvonen (P)
  • Giacomo 'Socke' Thüs (P)
  • Matic 'StarBuck' Dejak (Z)
  • Dong Hwan 'viOLet' Kim (Z)
  • MinChul 'MC' Jang (P)
  • Seok Hyun 'HyuN' Ko (Z)
  • Dong Nyoung 'Leenock' Lee (Z)
  • Soo Ho 'DongRaeGu' Park (Z)
  • Aleksandr 'Bly' Svusuyk (Z)
  • Won Kang 'san' Cho (P)
  • Samayan 'BlinG' Kay (P)


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