HerO is Cologne's champion!
Once again we crown a Protoss player called 'hero' as the champion of an Intel Extreme Masters event. This time though, it's Team Liquid's HerO, as opposed to the back-to-back champion from CJ Entus.

After an intense day of StarCraft II action and unforgettable matches, HerO managed to pull through, beating players such as INnoVation, Jaedong and Polt to become Intel Extreme Masters Cologne's champion .The Protoss player played two close series against both Zerg and Terran powerhouses, Jaedong and Polt, closing out the day by surprising StarCraft II fans everywhere with his stamina.

Both finalists, Polt and HerO, not only qualified for the $100,000 Winner Takes All Intel Extreme Masters World Championship in Katowice, but made impressive showings, especially in the playoffs of the tournament. With the start of the Quarterfinals, almost every single match of the StarCraft II extravaganza in Cologne reached five (out of five) maps, becoming the closest and most intense StarCraft event in Intel Extreme Masters history.

This was especially clear in the series between Polt and Rain as well as HerO and Jaedong. The Evil Geniuses Zerg faced the Team Liquid Protoss in a nailbiting last match, almost making it into the Final. HerO only just managed to grab the last map of the series with his impeccable micro. Despite this, with fans all over the world and an incredible showing over the three tournament days, Jaedong was voted the Sick Nerd Baller of Intel Extreme Masters Cologne.


Our event here in Cologne was the final stop before the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship in Katowice (March 13th to 16th), for which HerO and Polt have qualified. Two more players will qualify through the Open Bracket, live at the event in Katowice, for the $100,000 Winner Takes All tournament.