IEM Cologne StarCraft II tournament in February 2014
First qualification to take place in January with the EU Qualifier giving tournament slots to the top three!

For the next Intel Extreme Masters event in Europe, Cologne was the city of choice once again. After hosting the IEM League of Legends event in the ESL TV studios only a few weeks ago, StarCraft II players will have a chance of their own to play for the title in Germany's eSports capital. From the 13th to 16th of February, 28 players will meet to determine the winner of the next IEM event. Some of the earliest 2014 WCS points will be at stake: 4000 points in total are on the line with the winner taking 750 of them!


The EU Qualifier will take place on the 18th and 19th of January 2014 with the first stage being played on Saturday and the second stage to follow on Sunday. Stage 1 has unlimited slots and is open to all players who have ESL Premium. Meanwhile on Sunday the top 4 ESL Pro Series players in Germany will not only fight for the title but also for one slot right in Group Stage.


The 16 slots for Group Stage will be given out like this:


  • EU Qualifier: 3 slots (18th/19th of January)
  • Asian Qualifier: 2 slots (TBA)
  • Americas Qualifier: 2 slots (TBA)
  • Winner of German ESL Pro Series: 1 slot (TBD: 15th of December)
  • Next in line WCS players who did not qualify: 4 slots
  • Top players of the Open Bracket: 4 Slots

The IEM event itself will see the Open Bracket take place on 13th of February. We will then have the 16 players being divided into four groups of four, with the usual eight player playoff brackets right after that.

Prize money:
1st - $10,000
2nd - $4,000
3rd-4th - $2,000
5th-8th - $1,000
9th-12th - $400
13th-16th - $350


Total: $25,000

We are looking forward to see which players will make it to our last event before the season final in Katowice!