IEM XI Shanghai: MaSa vs. PtitDrogo
It’s excellence vs. momentum in this PvT battle

  • Head to Head:
    Series: 2-1 MaSa
    Maps: 5-3 MaSa
  • PtitDrogo vs. Terran: 49.84%
  • PtitDrogo Form All: 58.33%
  • PtitDrogo Form vs. Terran: 50%
  • MaSa vs. Protoss: 61.75%
  • MaSa Form All: 54.14%
  • MaSa Form vs. Protoss: 45%

Since Drogo was picked up by mYinsanity more than a year ago, he's really had the opportunity to showcase his skill. Multiple placements in 2016 eventually propelled him to a title as he swiftly snagged the DreamHack Open Leipzig trophy away from Bly in January.

However, the French player's fight against MaSa hasn't been quite as smooth, and MaSa sits only one spot below PtitDrogo in the WCS standings. Both just barely fall below the Global Finals cutoff at slots 10 and 9. MaSa has also had a good 2016, earning his WCS points in small amounts, but earning them just the same. And PtitDrogo's mentality might hurt him at the onset:

"I always feel more pressure at the beginnings of tournament, where losing means you accomplished nothing. So I'm usually really stressed in qualifier and in the first rounds of tourneys," he wrote in a recent AMA.

Was it that stress which cost him against Nerchio at Valencia? Or was that loss, like so many others in the tournament, just a result of Nerchio's play? Whatever the case, we can't forget what Drogo has done to get to Shanghai. Toppling Guru, Elazer, uThermal and Nerchio is no small feat - and it's certainly not nothing.

But PtitDrogo's PvT, and the pressure of big matches at the end of tournaments, has left him in a lurch plenty of times, too. He's dropped multiple key matches against Terran like Bunny, Dayshi, MarineLord and, of course, against MaSa himself. Consider his recent play against MaSa at HomeStory Cup XIII. Drogo took the easy BO5 win when they first met, but choked later in the decider match, leaving MaSa with a 3-0 victory to cap their Group A performance.

Meanwhile MaSa, who was invited due to WCS standings, didn't get through the North American qualifier. But that's no indication that this matchup won't see the Canadian eLevate player cruising through his French foe and the round of 16.

His long-term record is better than Drogo's, but his current form is slightly worse. While we can't predict the results, we can predict that these two players will provide tremendously exciting matches as they battle for a spot in the quarterfinals and a shot at 1,000 WCS Circuit Points in Shanghai.

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Article by: Karin Krisher