IEM XI Shanghai: ShoWTimE vs. MajOr
Number 1 European Protoss takes on Latin America's leading Terran

With a recent WCS Spring Circuit Championship win fresh on his resume, and a confirmed place in the Global Playoffs in the books, ShoWTimE has every reason to be utterly confident entering IEM Shanghai.

The Millenium Protoss's recent PvT history should bolster that confidence. He took HeRoMaRinE 3-1 in WCS Challenger, and just this past weekend eliminated Polt from DreamHack Open: Valencia. Had he beaten rival Nerchio, who went on to crush the rest of the tournament, ShoWTimE might have won the whole thing.

Despite his sturdiness, ShoWTimE has let frustrations get the better of him before, but it's still safe to say that MajOr, who is coming off a three-month suspension that destroyed his WCS seeding, has reason to be afraid.

terran is making me so sick.......

— Tobias Sieber (@SC2ShoWTimE) July 5, 2016

Though the Invasion eSport Terran has been steadily participating in SC2 through HotS and LotV (aside from a Copa América Season 2 suspension), he saw his last positive major tournament result when he made it to the quarterfinals at IEM Sao Paulo in the beginning of 2014.

Yet MajOr appears to be back in the game since June, winning Copa América Season 3 with 3-0, 3-0, and 4-0 wins over two Zerg players and the Terran Kelazhur (to whom he lost Season 1), claiming his rightful place back on top in Latin America.

He has the potential to be one of the very best Terrans, but is generally an underperformer in tournaments. Observe MajOr's individual matches and you can see he's capable of ousting the very best in the scene, but watch his tournament play and you can see he's also capable of falling flat when it matters most.

  • Head to Head: N/A
  • ShoWTimE vs. Terran: 63.20%
  • ShoWTimE Form All: 68.18%
  • ShoWTimE Form vs. Terran: 71.05%
  • MajOr vs. Protoss: 61.06%
  • MajOr Form All: 70.97%
  • MajOr Form vs. Protoss: 67.39%

MajOr has his work cut out for him in this first match. If he plays to his full potential, he can overcome his supposed PvT lurch to take out a favorite for the title of IEM Season XI's first champion, leaving the rest of the bracket - and the fans - seriously questioning who will make it to the top.

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Article by: Karin Krisher