IEM XI Shanghai: viOLet vs. Has
Former Champion takes on Taiwanese #1

  • Head to Head: N/A
  • viOLet vs. Protoss: 63.04%
  • viOLet Form All: 25.00%
  • Has vs. Zerg: 57.63%
  • Has Form All: 84.38%

In what promises to be an exciting matchup, the Round of 16 has pitted an old IEM champion against a player everyone loves because of his crazy play style - unless you're playing against him.

viOLet enters the match with a significant chance of qualifying for the WCS Global Finals, as he currently sits so close to the cutoff. Based on his history and capability, the team EnVyUs Zerg should be thriving in the WCS Circuit, getting the large results that would send him to the top - but viOLet hasn't shown the dominance for which he was so well-known in 2012. (It's worth noting that he's come up against some health issues that perhaps impact those results, too.)

Consider his last few tournament appearances, such as the WCS Winter Circuit Championship in Katowice, where he bested XiGua but fell to Snute 3-1, or DreamHack Tours where he fell to ShoWTimE 0-3. viOLet clearly still has the potential to win matches. But while he used to be considered a sure thing in WCS, like Hydra or Polt, he's fallen to a lower tier than the top Europeans and Americans.

His opponent, formidable Protoss Has, is known for that crazy aggressive, all-in style that scares so many players and delights so many fans. Games featuring Has are guaranteed to entertain, and they often end in his victory, too. But everyone knows that's how the yoe Flash Wolves player rolls - which could work to viOLet's advantage.

Has boasts two added advantages in the IEM bracket: He won't experience jet lag (he's coming in from Taiwan), and he's had extra preparation time, as he didn't participate in Valencia. Though Has has no major tournament wins under his belt, he, along with Neeb, is one of the only players to have won all three WCS Regional Challengers in the 2016 WCS Circuit, so we know he can hold his own in strong brackets.

It's been 10 weeks since Has last competed internationally, and since then he's been picking up a lot of steam from regional victories, going 11-1 in series.

viOLet, however, has not been recording a lot of official matches. It's hard to know how much time he's been spending on StarCraft 2. His most recent loss, an online 0-3 against JonSnow, is perhaps a sign viOLet is in rough shape.That makes for worried viOLet fans, who know that Has will take full advantage of any weakness he senses as he looks to take out the former champion. Tune in to find out who will move forward on Friday, July 29.

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Article by: Karin Krisher