Intel Extreme Masters Singapore: The players
It's been a tad over a month since the phenomenal Intel Extreme Masters New York showed us some of the most incredible StarCraft II action of the year. Now it's time for Singapore!

An incredible line-up of twenty-eight players from all across the globe will face in the $25,000 StarCraft II tournament at Intel Extreme Masters Singapore, taking place at SITEX, November 28th to December 1st.


Twelve of the twenty-eight players will be directly seeded into the second Stage of the tournament, which will be played out in four groups of four in a Dual Tournament format. Eight of the twelve players are those who went out of the qualifiers in their respective regions victoriously - two European players, two American players and four Asian players. The remaining four are slots were given to applicants based on their WCS ranking.


Four more spots are up for grabs in Stage 2, and will be determined through the first Stage of the tournament, which will see another sixteen StarCraft II talents clash in two Double Elimination brackets of eight. Only two players from each bracket will make it through.


Stage 1 - Sixteen battle for four spots

Our line-up in the first Stage of the tournament is quite a global one - with StarCraft II veterans and successes of the present, Stage 1 will surely kick off the tournament with an incredible set of matches.


Below is a list of the sixteen players:


  • SaSe (P)
  • SeleCT (T)
  • NesTea (Z)
  • Curious (Z)
  • san (P)
  • EffOrt (Z)
  • PiG (Z)
  • TargA (Z)
  • Avenge (P)
  • Dream (T)
  • Feast (P)
  • BlysK (P)
  • Has (P)
  • DemiLove (Z)
  • Oz (P)
  • Squirtle (P)


You can find the two brackets on our dedicated tournament page.


Stage 2 - Twelve out of sixteen

The all important Stage 2 of the tournament will feed into the final bracket of the tournament. An additional spot in the Stage has opened up for players from the Open Bracket with the unfortunate cancellation of American Qualifier winner HuK.



Make sure to tune in to the tournament on ESL TV - November 28th to December 1st.