Scarlett: the foreign hope?
Although a tough group, Scarlett managed to make it out of Group C and into the quarterfinals. Can she make it further?

The third day of Intel Extreme Masters Singapore has finished and the group stage concluded. With the first four players making it out of their groups (A & B) on Friday and the last four players have made it through on Saturday's Groups C & D.


Among the players are x Koreans and the Canadian Zerg player many call the foreign hope - Scarlett. Facing her nemesis Bomber in her first match of the group, it looked like the group phase would be as far as she gets, as the Terran player defeated her in a close series. Scarlett though made a comeback, defeating Dream and then facing Bomber again, this time crushing his hopes of a tournament win and moving on to the quarterfinals.


The player winning Group C was herO - with an impressive series against both Dream and then Bomber, he showed how impressive his play is against Terrans.


Group D was won by herO's teammate Hydra - the Zerg dominated Squirtle and Hack, moving straight on to the quarterfinals. Unfortunately the crowd favourite and last year's runner-up Grubby did not make it out of his group - losing to Hack's aggressive play and then just barely slipping by the win against Protoss player Squirtle, he was eliminated with only one map won.


The quarterfinalists

  • EffOrt (Z)
  • DongRaeGu (Z)
  • Mvp (T)
  • san (P)
  • Scarlett (Z)
  • herO (P)
  • Hydra (Z)
  • Hack (T)


Tomorrow will show the final day of Intel Extreme Masters Singapore - with the entirety of the playoffs being played out, we will be crowning a champion on Sunday evening. All the matches will be shown on ESL TV.

You can find the bracket and other tournament details on our dedicated tournament page.