StarCraft II Qualifiers for Shenzhen
The ninth season of the Intel Extreme Masters kicks off with the first StarCraft II qualifiers for Shenzhen, starting May 30th.

With a system similar to that of the previous season, StarCraft II players from across the world will once again have a chance to qualify for our season kick-off event in Shenzhen, China.


Qualifiers in Europe, America and Asia are set to determine the eight players seeded directly into the tournament's group stages. With two slots for Europe and America respectively, three slots for the Asian region and one slot through the Road to Shenzhen, which will qualify the Chinese champion, the qualifier period is set to begin on the 30th of May.


The qualifiers themselves will each start with an Open Stage in which everyone can participate. In America and Europe, eight players from the Open Stage will move on to the Second Stage, where they will face eight players that are directly seeded based on their previous results. For Asia, each sub-region (South East Asia, China and South Korea/Taiwan) have their own qualifiers, which then seed into a Final Asian qualifier to determine the three players that will move on to the main tournament.


Once again, an Open Bracket prioritized in accordance to WCS rankings will take place at the event, and will determine four players out of the sixteen participants to be seeded into the Group Stage. The final four, to make up the full sixteen, will be invited based on their overall previous results - unlike last season, where we invited solely based on WCS rankings.


An overview of the qualifiers can be found below. The dates for our Asian qualifiers will be announced at a later date.


Qualifier dates

  • European Open Qualifier - May 30th 2014
  • European Final Qualifier - June 1st 2014
  • American Open Qualifier - June 9th 2014
  • American Final Qualifier - June 10th 2014
  • China Cup 1 - TBA
  • China Cup 2 - TBA
  • China Cup 3 - TBA
  • China Cup 4 - TBA
  • Chinese Final - TBA
  • South East Asia Open Qualifier - TBA
  • South Korea Open Qualifier - TBA
  • Asian Final Qualifier - TBA


Here's an overview what the main tournament will look like:

  • Two players from European Qualifiers
  • Two players from American Qualifiers
  • Three players from the final Asian Qualifiers
  • One player from the Chinese Road to Shenzhen
  • Four players from the Open Bracket
  • Four invited players


In total, there will be sixteen players in a Dual Tournament Group Stage, followed by an eight player Single Elimination Bracket.