Ten IEM Shanghai StarCraft II® players to battle at DreamHack Valencia
The road to the WCS Global Playoffs is nearing its end! Who will advance?

Starting today, July 14, ten out of the sixteen IEM Shanghai StarCraft® II players will compete for US$50,000 and WCS points at the DreamHack ZOWIE Open in Valencia, Spain. All players are in the second group stage (round of 64).




  • ShoWtime - 2nd rank with 3485 WCS points
  • MajOr - 34th rank 250 WCS points
  • Snute -3rd rank with 2955 WCS points
  • puCK - 13th rank with 1045 WCS points
  • Neeb - 6th rank with 2200 WCS points


  • MaSa - 10th rank with 1755 WCS points
  • Hydra - 5th rank with 2835 WCS points
  • ViOlet - 7th rank with 1860 WCS points
  • Elazer - 7th rank with 1860 WCS points
  • Nerchio - 4th rank with 2950 WCS points


  • 1st place: $16,000 and 1,000 WCS points
  • 2nd place: $8,000 and 700 WCS points
  • 3rd-4th place: $5,000 and 450 WCS points
  • 5th-8th place: $2,000 and 300 WCS points
  • 9th-16th place: $1,000 and 150 WCS points

The competition will be nothing short of fierce at both Valencia and Shanghai as players give it their all to earn as many WCS points as possible which will then lead to the ultimate goal - the WCS Global Playoffs.

Cheer for your favorite players this weekend to see how they perform ahead of Intel Extreme Masters® Shanghai, which is just around the corner! Be sure to follow Intel® Extreme Masters on Twitter and Facebook as we prepare ourselves for two great weekends of StarCraft II tournament play in July!