The first four are known
With the first two groups have concluded and four players have secured themselves a spot in the quarterfinals.

The first group of the day, Group A, ended with neither of the Zerg players advancing. Both XiGua and Curious struggled to overcome their very strong opponents. While the Korean Protoss san topped the group, Mvp, the king of wings, finished as a runner-up after defeating Curious a second time. Top seed and only Chinese participant of the tournament, XiGua, didn't quite cut it against either of these well known Korean players and ended in last place.


Continuing with Group B, people expected fast matches, as there were three Zerg players in the group - Zerg vs. Zerg being a matchup that tends to create quite short matches. Contrary to those expectations, DongRaeGu vs. EffOrt played one of the most incredible series' of the tournament against each other. DongRaeGu won two out of three maps against EffOrt, and secured himself a spot in the quarterfinal. With Happy holding on and defeating KingkOng after an incredibly long and close series, it almost looked like a Terran would advance out of this group otherwise dominated by Zergs. In the end though, EffOrt played two really good maps and advanced out of the group along with DRG.


The four

  • EffOrt (Z)
  • DongRaeGu (Z)
  • Mvp (T)
  • san (P)


Two more groups are left to be played out, Group C & D, before the play-offs on Sunday. You can find details about the tournament such as brackets on our dedicated tournament page.