The first half of the Round of 16 is done at Intel Extreme Masters Shanghai 2016
Catch up with how the first day at ChinaJoy went down.

The first day of Intel Extreme Masters Shanghai 2016 at ChinaJoy saw the first four matches of the Round of 16 go down. With the lion’s share of this tournament being US$16,000, as well as 1,000 WCS Circuit Points, the players were eager to show up strong and get a good start.

How the Round of 16 kicked off

Two solid 3-0 victories as well as two series with one map to the fallen kept us very entertained during the first day in Shanghai. While ShoWTimE and MaSa showed some flaws in their opening matches by dropping a map each to iAsonu and PtitDrogo, it was Neeb and Hydra who got the optimal start with 3-0 victories against TooDming and Enderr.

The results so far:

ShoWTimE 3-1 iAsonuPtitDrogo 1-3 MaSaNeeb 3-0 TooDmingHydra 3-0 Enderr

Even more action on the second day

Including to the final four matches from the Round of 16, we will get to see the very first quarter final being played tomorrow from 8:45 CST. Don’t miss out on the matches of Snute, viOLet and Nerchio, as well as the first quarter final between ShoWTimE and MaSa!

The matches of tomorrow:

  • Snute vs. uThermal
  • Elazer vs. puCK
  • viOLet vs. Has
  • Nerchio vs. Cyan
  • Quarterfinal #1: ShoWTimE vs. MaSa

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