The IEM legacy in China - take a trip back to some of the best moments of StarCraft® II at our Chinese events!
Our Chinese stops delivered many unforgettable StarCraft II moments. Let’s relive some of the best of them ahead of IEM Shanghai!

Over the years at the Intel® Extreme Masters events in Asia, there have been many famous and magical moments. If you are a hardcore StarCraft fan, you will remember some of these moments very clearly, if not, enjoy! Let's take a look back.

Snute's day long battle for IEM Shenzhen 2014

IEM Shenzhen 2014 European Qualifier

This qualifier was run during the days where MC and friends were living in Europe to compete in the World Championship Series league run out of Cologne. The European scene saw constant battles between top Europeans such as Snute, Bunny, Welmu and MMA, MC, First and others.

This qualifier was the time Snute defied all odds and played 8 hours straight against the finest competition at the time.

  • Snute 1-2 First - Winner bracket ro16
  • Snute 2-0 Kas - Losers' round 1
  • Snute 2-1 Welmu - Losers' round 2
  • Snute 2-1 YoDa - Losers' round 3
  • Snute 2-1 Jjakji - Losers' round 4
  • Snute 2-0 MC - Losers' semifinals
  • Snute 2-1 First - Winners' final and qualifying match for IEM Shenzhen

Jim defying all odds

IEM Shenzhen 2014 Main event - Group D

Typically, at events held in China, the Chinese players can put up a bit of fight but against the best Koreans? They are usually eliminated... But not in this group! Jim was seeded into a group with MMA, Life and Taeja, a group that he simply is not meant to even come close to advancing from. In a moment of madness, this happened:

  • Jim 2-1 Life
  • Jim 2-0 Taeja - Jim advances in 1st place


When Snute took down two giants

IEM Shenzhen 2015 Main event - Group B

Remember this? Snute vs the Korean champions. A scenario similar to Jim's unfolded for Snute as he entered an incredibly tough group with both reigning champions from the GSL and SSL, Rain and Classic. Who came out on top? The European...

  • Snute 2-0 Rain
  • Snute 2-1 Classic - Snute advances in 1st place


And it all started six years ago

IEM Guangzhou 2011 - Grand Final

Idra vs Elfi

  • Tal'Darim Altar - Idra win 1-0
  • Shakuras Plateau - Elfi win 1-1
  • Terminus SE - Idra win 2-1
  • Xel'Naga Caverns Idra win 3-1


How about we go as far as the first IEM event in China? Side question, do you remember who commentated this match? Throughout the years, IEM has provided some of the biggest esports moments and memories as its legacy has extended to 34 StarCraft® II events since 2010. Events in China have been very special over the years, mainly due to each event having such a heavy Korean dominance. This led to an improved quality of games and players attending, typically IEM Asian events are close to the peak of SC2 competition.

This year will be no different as the lineup of players is once again incredibly stacked with 14 Korean players joining together with 2 local heroes in hope to compete against the extreme levels of SC2. Over the course of the next few weeks, we will be taking a closer look into each group that will be played out, looking at the expected outcomes and analyzing the potential upsets.

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