Toronto Lineup is Finalized
After weeks of qualifiers and a slew of applications to our Open Bracket we have now finalized our player line-up for Intel Extreme Masters Toronto.

The online qualifiers for Intel Extreme Masters Toronto concluded yesterday, with Zest and Flash emerging victorious from the Final Asian Qualifier, securing their spot in the Group Stage of the tournament at FanExpo, which will take place from the 28th to the 31st of August. They will be joined alongside the victors from the Canadian, European and American qualifiers as well as the four invited Wildcard players.



Take a look at the 12 participants who have already secured their spot in the Group Stage:



Through Qualifiers:


  • First - Protoss - South Korea
  • YoDa - Terran - South Korea
  • MaSa - Terran - Canada
  • Scarlett - Zerg - Canada
  • Polt - Terran - South Korea
  • viOLet - Zerg - South Korea
  • Zest - Protoss - South Korea
  • Flash - Terran - South Korea



  • TaeJa - Terran - South Korea
  • sOs - Protoss - South Korea
  • MC - Protoss - South Korea
  • HyuN - Zerg - South Korea


The last four players of the Group Stage will be determined live on site in two Double Elimination brackets of eight. We have finalized the 16 players who will be going head-to-head in order to advance to the Group Stages, and are excited at the sheer amount of talent that will be present at Intel Extreme Masters Toronto. The top two players from each bracket will advance to join the aforementioned Group Stage players.

Without further ado, check out the impressive list of players, who will make for an incredible Open Bracket day at the tournament!

  • Snute - Zerg - Norway
  • Bunny - Terran - Denmark
  • HuK - Protoss - Canada
  • hendralisk - Zerg - Canada
  • desRow - Protoss - Canada
  • puCK - Protoss - USA
  • Kane - Zerg - Canada
  • Believe - Protoss - Canada
  • Jaedong - Zerg - South Korea
  • Maru - Terran - South Korea
  • StarDust - Protoss - South Korea
  • Leenock - Zerg - South Korea
  • Sasquatch - Zerg - South Korea
  • Revival - Zerg - South Korea
  • Oz - Protoss - South Korea
  • Bones - Protoss - Canada

The four groups of four will be played out in the Dual Tournament format, from which the top two players of each group will advance into the playoffs. The playoffs will be a Single Elimination bracket of eight players.

Stay tuned for information about the Group Drawings and finalized brackets for the Open Bracket!