• Europe: 1 slot
  • North America: 1 slot
  • Southeast Asia: 1 slot

The EU and NA open qualifiers will be played in best of one single elimination bracket (unlimited), with the decider matches (semis) being best of three. Closed qualifier will be played in a best of three single elimination 8-team bracket.

The EU and NA qualifiers will consist of two stages: open and closed. The open qualifiers will take place on the ESEA platform, where we welcome all teams to join, with two top teams earning a spot in the closed qualifier, where six highly ranked invited teams will be waiting for them. The teams to come out on top in the regional closed qualifiers will secure their position to compete at one of the world's premier CS:GO tournaments.

The East & Southeast Asia qualifier will have one, open stage played in a single elimination bracket, and will include the following Eastern countries: China, Mongolia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong.


EU Qualifier
  • Open: September 19-20
  • Closed: October 2
NA Qualifier
  • Open: September 19-20
  • Closed: October 2
SEA Qualifier
  • Open: September 23-24

How to register for the open qualifiers

EU and NA

Log in to the ESEA website and open a support ticket here. Please use "IEM Oakland EU" or "IEM Oakland NA" as the ticket subject with "Events" as the ticket type. Please use the region EU or NA depending on which qualifier you would like to register for. The signup deadline is THREE hours before the qualifier begins. After that point new teams will no longer be allowed to enter but already accepted teams will still be able to change players up until the start of the event. Once matches begin to be assigned to servers then teams will no longer be able to change players. Players are required to check in via the Steam group chat 1 hour before the event is set to start. Check in will close 30 minutes before the event is set to begin.


Sign up here for the East & SEA qualifier. Server is based in Singapore. Maximum 128 can sign up.

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