Tournament Info


Group Stage & Playoffs

Group stages and the initial playoff matches played at the Intel Esports Arena

  • Group stage matches are bo1
  • Playoff matches are bo3
  • 12 teams in 2 round robin groups of 6
  • 1st of each group are placed into the tournament’s semifinals
  • 2nd and 3rd place are placed into the playoffs to decide who advances to the semifinals

Semi Finals and Grand Finals

Matches played at the Oracle Arena

  • Semi Finals are bo3
  • Grand Final is bo5

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Prize Pool
Total $300.000
1st $125.000
2nd $50.000
3rd-4th $25.000
5th-6th $12.000
7th-8th $5.000
9th-10th $3.500
11th-12th $2.000
*In addition to the base prize pool, for each group stage victory a team is awarded $1000

Group Stage

Group A

Group B


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